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Fellowship in Neuroradiology (and Head and Neck radiology)

As a team that works closely with clinical specialists from National Neuroscience Institute (NNI), Singapore National Eye Center (SNEC), National Cancer Center (NCC), and the SGH Otolaryngology Department, the Department of Neuroradiology @ SGH sees a large volume of diverse neuroradiological conditions. 
Fellows will have an opportunity to train with a friendly group of experienced neuroradiologists that have international links. Our neuroradiologists are passionate about education, research, innovation (3D printing), quality, and new models of care. 

Training Program and Objectives:

The purpose of this local fellowship program is to provide the requisite exposure, hands-on training and reporting experience and framework for fellows to independently report Neurological and Head/Neck examinations upon completion of training. 
By the end of the programme the fellow should be able to identify, interpret, and independently report a wide spectrum of basic Neuroradiology and Head & Neck pathology to aid in the management of trauma, stroke, cancer, infection, inflammatory and neurodegenerative conditions. SGH does not perform paediatric neuroradiology as paediatric Neuro, Head & Neck radiology is performed in Singapore’s paediatric hospital, KKWCH. 
The fellow should gain proficiency in interpretating the following multi-modality studies: - CT/CTA of the head, face, orbits, paranasal sinuses, and neck - MRI/MRA/MRV/DWI of the brain, cranial nerves, internal auditory canal, orbits, pituitary gland, neck, postnasal space, and spine.

There is opportunity to attend but not to assist in neurointerventional and head & neck procedures.

SGH also performs a number of advanced neuroimaging techniques, some of which are only performed in a few centers in the world. These help in the medical and surgical management of brain tumours, Parkinson’s disease, hydrocephalus, vasculopathy, parathyroid adenomas, and Meniere’s disease. 
The fellow will gain exposure to: - MR Spectroscopy - MR Perfusion (DSC and DCE) - Functional MRI /Tractography - SMwI for Nigrosome Neurodegeneration (Parkinson’s disease) - CSF flow examinations for NPH - Dual Energy CT scans (mostly neck exams) - 4D parathyroid exams - Inner ear MRI for Hydrops/Meniere’s disease.


  • Dr. Robert Chen, Senior Consultant & Director, Neuroradiology
  • A/Prof. Winston Lim Eng Hoe, Senior Consultant
  • Prof. Chan Ling Ling , Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Lishya Liauw, Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Louis Elliott McAdory, Senior Consultant
  • Dr Sarat Kumar Sanamandra, Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Chia Ghim Song, Consultant
  • Dr. Kheok Si Wei, Consultant
  • Dr. Lim Kheng Choon, Consultant
  • Dr David Wen Wei, Consultant
  • Dr Mark Tan Bangwei, Consultant
  • Dr Melissa Li Shuhui, Consultant
  • Dr Steve Wong Chen Pong, Associate Consultant
  • Dr May Lim Yi Shan, Associate Consultant
  • Dr Chua Wei Ming, Associate Consultant
  • Dr Hou Wenlu, Associate Consultant

Admission Criteria

Minimum requirements for all Fellows :

  • Postgraduate medical qualification in Radiology e.g. FRCR, MMed or equivalent 
  • 2 years of postgraduate training experience in relevant specialty 
  • Proven competency in English language (to fulfill Singapore Medical Council’s criteria for medical registration for clinical fellowship) 

Fellowship Application

For additional enquiries on fellowship and clinical attachments, email us at

Sponsorship for Fellowship

Successful applicants may be given a stipend on a case by case basis. To apply, please indicate on the fellowship application form that funding is required.
See information about SGH-PGMI funded Clinical Fellowship Award under

For more information on Neuroradiology Fellowship

For more information on Neuroradiology and Head & Neck radiology fellowships 

Please contact Dr Lishya Liauw, Senior Consultant and Neuroradiology Fellowship Director @