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Fellowship in Body Imaging

Training program and objectives:

  • There will be hands-on training in General and Advanced Body imaging with CT and MRI. 
  • General body CT imaging will encompass the thorax, abdomen and pelvis.
  • Participation in audit/peer review learning meetings and research projects.
  • Participation in the multiple Clinical Radiology rounds each week.
  • Advanced body imaging will include Body MRI including Prostate MRI, Cardiac MRI, Cardiac/coronary CT, Body CT angiography, CT colonography, CT and MR enterography
  • Teaching medical students and junior residents.
  • Write-up of interesting cases/ completed projects.
  • Case/Series/ Journal reviews/presentations. 


  • A/Prof. Cheah Foong Koon, Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Albert Low Su Chong, Senior Consultant, Director, Body Imaging
  • Dr. Law Yan Mee, Senior Consultant, Deputy Director, Body Imaging
  • Dr. Chea Yen Wei, Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Narayan Lath, Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Lim Sze Ying, Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Adrian Shoen Low, Senior Consultant
  • Dr. Haja Mohideen Salahudeen Mohamed, Senior Consultant
  • Dr Lionel Cheng Tim-Ee, Consultant 
  • Dr. Ho Chia Ming, Consultant
  • Dr Viswanath Anand Chidambaram, Associate Consultant 
  • Dr. Tham Wei Ping, Associate Consultant 
  • Dr Elizabeth Cheong Hui Ting, Associate Consultant 
  • Dr Jyothirmayi Velaga, Associate Consultant 
  • Dr Anna Lai Chooi Yan,  Associate Consultant
  • Dr. Keefe Lai  Yusheng,  Consultant 
  • Dr. Tran Nguyen Tuan Anh, Associate Consultant 
  • Dr. Mindy Choong Chu Ming, Associate Consultant
  • Dr. Wong Hui Lin, Associate Consultant  

Admission Criteria

Minimum requirements for all Fellows:

  • Postgraduate medical qualification in Radiology e.g. FRCR, MMed or equivalent
  • 2 years of postgraduate training experience in relevant specialty
  • Proven competency in English language (to fulfill Singapore Medical Council’s criteria for medical registration for clinical fellowship)

Fellowship Application

For enquiries on Fellowship and clinical attachments, email us at

Sponsorship for Fellowship

Successful applicants may be given a stipend on a case by case basis. To apply, please indicate on the fellowship application form that funding is required.

For more information on Body Imaging Fellowship

Please contact Dr. Albert Low, Senior Consultant, Director of Body Imaging at