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Residency Education Team

The 3 departments within the Division of RADSC are major training sites for the SingHealth Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program. Residents and medical officers in our departments get to rotate though different subspecialty-based teams during their postings, experiencing wide variety of diagnostic, interventional and therapeutic medical imaging tertiary care. Trainees are also provided valuable leadership opportunities to partake in interdisciplinary clinical rounds, research and quality improvement projects.

The structured training program for residents focuses on the holistic facets of AGMCE core competencies and professional development. Our passionate team of medical educators manage a robust curriculum built upon authentic clinical exposure and evidence-based instructional methods. We believe strongly in early career mentorship, so as to nuture future academic radiologists meeting the evolving needs of our nation and patients.

Deputy DDR HOD (Academic Affairs)

Residency Program Director

A/Prof Winston Lim

"Foster an educational culture that empowers each learner to develop and maximize their potential in all the core competencies."

DDR Director of Residency Education

Residency APD

Dr Lim Chee Yeong

"Learning is a lifelong process and adds deeper meaning to our professional practice."

DVIR Director of Residency Education

Residency Core Faculty (VIR)

Dr Ankur Patel


DDR Deputy Director of Residency Education

Residency Site Rep (US)

Dr Elizabeth Cheong

"Our own teachers and mentors have played huge roles in moulding us into who we are today. Pay it forward!"

DDR Deputy Director of Residency Education

Residency Site Rep (MSK)

Dr Jeffrey Fong

"A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron."

Residency Core Faculty (Cardiothoracic)

Dr Haja Mohideen Salahudeen Mohamed

"Education is not a one-size-fits-all discipline, and I believe it is important to tailor my approach to the specific learning needs of each trainee"

Residency Core Faculty (Breast)

Dr Lester Leong

"Education is to acquire knowledge, inspire further learning, and lay the foundation for one to contribute to the greater good of society."

Residency Site Representative (Abdomen)

Dr Adrian Shoen Low

"Teaching is meaningful as it trains the new generation for challenges it will face"

Residency Site Representative (General)

Dr Velaga Jyothirmayi

"Celebrate the uniqueness of each learner and create equitable space for all to grow"

Residency Site Representative (Neuroradiology)

Dr Melissa Lee

"The great teacher who inspires shall be remembered"

For more information on posting matters, please email education admin executive, Ms Lek Chay Ngim at