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Charges & Payments

Cost of Procedure

The cost for the scan procedure varies depending on the type of imaging required. The range of cost is provided on the preparation form that you will receive by mail or over the registration counter.

Using Your MediSave

  • Outpatient scans for diagnosis or treatment of other medical conditions: Up to $300 per year

    (Note: Does not apply to plain x-rays or scans that are already claimable under other Medisave schemes such as scans for cancer treatment, chronic disease under the Chronic Disease Management Programme etc.)

  • For Outpatient CT, MRI, Ultrasound and other diagnostic scans in cancer patients: Up to $600 per year


To use Medisave for payment, sign up via


For more details, please refer to the MOH guidelines on the use of Medisave:

You can also view our Outpatient Charges here.

Receiving Your Outstanding Bill

You will receive an SMS from us to view your outstanding bill online.

Find out more from Patient Financial Services portal >

Pay Online

To pay your bills, you can make a payment online.