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About Department of Diagnostic Radiology (DDR)

Welcome to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) – Department of Diagnostic Radiology

SGH is a tertiary referral medical center that serves as the flagship hospital within SingHealth and is the principal teaching hospital for Duke-NUS Medical School. It is the oldest and largest hospital within Singapore. It is consistently ranked within the top few hospitals in the world.

The department of diagnostic radiology and its subspecialty radiologists provide the backbone for the full gamut of clinical subspecialties servicing SGH. Yearly, it provides close to 600,000 radiographic examinations, inclusive of more than 80,000 computerized tomographic (CT) exams, 35,000 magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exams, 50,000 ultrasounds, and 22,000 mammograms.

Our staff consists of close to 50 subspecialty radiologists, specializing in brain, head and neck, musculoskeletal, chest, abdomen and pelvis, prostate and breast imaging. Our interventional services range from providing diagnostic biopsies of the breast and musculoskeletal system to therapeutic neuro-interventional services to treat stroke and aneurysms. We are one of 3 comprehensive stroke centers within Singapore.

We continually strive to provide high quality, value add services that work on improving patient outcomes through multidisciplinary clinical care, innovation, education, research, and new models of care.