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Symposium 6


Ms Fan Yuen Wai Petrina
Pharmacy Practice Manager, Pharmacy
Singapore General Hospital 

Ms Petrina Fan is a pharmacist and the Chair of Education and Training in the Pharmacy Department of Singapore General Hospital. She has special interests in innovating the delivery of education and training, particularly, serious games in education to improve training and assessment of pharmacy staff and students. 

Ms Petrina and her pharmacy team have successfully developed and implemented serious games such as the high-fidelity virtual reality simulation training programme which uses a three-dimensional virtual reality simulator for competency training of medication safety practices through a virtual apprenticeship model. The virtual patient encounters scenarios aim to immerse trainees in a virtual pharmacy environment to hone their competency skills via visual and motion capture technologies. In addition, she and her team of pharmacists have also developed physical escape rooms to offer pharmacists a fun and interactive learning experiences to hone their clinical skills and competencies in a risk-free learning environment.


Competency & Capacity, 8 October 2022, 1030 - 1230hrs
Serious Games in Healthcare Education… Are You Serious?

In her talk, she will share her teams’ experience in developing game-based training solutions that aim to offer pharmacy staff and students more interactive, engaging, safe and conducive learning experience. 
Project VRx and Sticky Sugar – To complement medication safety practice training with virtual patient encounters and escape room concepts
Project VRx was developed by the SGH pharmacy team to train pharmacy staff and trainees which include pharmacists, pre-registration pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy assistants and pharmaceutical science students on hospital attachments, on medication safety practices through the accomplishment of key tasks in three main areas: 
a. Prescription validation and processing 
b. Medication processing 
c. Compliance to medication safety practices at the workplace 

Project VRx solution comprises five virtual patient encounter scenarios which immerse trainees in a virtual pharmacy environment to hone their competency skills via visual and motion capture technologies. 

Sticky Sugar, is a physical escape room that was developed for training on management of diabetes, critical thinking skills, communication skills, teamwork, preventable medication errors in a safe environment to TARGET ZERO HARM. She will share how her team created a low-cost escape room using puzzles and creative storyboard to improve the learning outcomes. 

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