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Symposium 6

Lee Kheng Hock.png

A/Prof Lee Kheng Hock
Senior Consultant, Department of Family Medicine and Continuing Care
Singapore General Hospital 

​DCEO (Education and Community Partnerships)

SingHealth Community Hospitals

A/Prof Lee Kheng Hock is a Senior Consultant of the Department of Family Medicine and Continuing Care at SGH.  In addition to setting up the first hospital-based family medicine department in Singapore, A/Prof Lee implemented various innovative programs including the first hospital-based home medical service.  In 2011, he adapted the virtual ward program from the UK and combined it with the integrated practice unit concept.  This resulted in an integrated care program which was validated by 2 randomized control trials and conclusively proved the effectiveness of integrated care in Singapore.  In 2010, he was seconded to Bright Vision Hospital as Medical Director of BVH.  He started a direct admission program for palliative patients in crisis and an integrated primary care program where patients with complex needs are transited to a network of empowered GPs.  He is currently the DCEO (Education and Community Partnerships) of SingHealth Community Hospitals and is working on introducing Social Prescribing as part of usual care for hospitalized patients.  He had since started 2 Skills Future Singapore accredited training programs aimed at developing a non-clinical workforce to support patient care through social prescribing and care integration.


Competency & Capacity, 8 October 2022, 1030 - 1230hrs
How to Implement New Models of Care?

Healthcare systems are in a situation where demand is constantly running ahead of supply.  It is widely accepted that the situation is getting worse with our rapidly ageing population and the increasing prevalence of patients with complex health and social needs.  Besides increasing the allocation of finite resources, the solution often lies in improving care models that seek to bring greater value and ensure long term sustainability.  In this presentation, we will review the experience of introducing new models of care integration in SGH and SCH.  These models will be viewed through the lens of implementation science and the lessons learned will be examined.

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