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SGH 24th Annual Scientific Meeting (SGH ASM)

Date: 7 - 8 Oct 2022
Venue: Academia
Format: In-Person 
Fee: Waived

Click here for registration to attend the SGH ASM in-person

Inaugural Resident Education Session 

Date: 8 Oct 2022 
Time: 1400-1700 
Venue: Academia, L1-S3
Format: In-person
Fee: Waived

Do you have the following questions relating to research?

- How do I start out? And if so, where and when should I start?
- What basic statistics / data collection know-hows do I need so that I can allocate my time better?
- Who should I contact / what available projects are there within the medical sub-specialities?
- How does this research journey look like from the perspective of a novice researcher to a senior research veteran? 

Thinking of embarking on a research journey? Come and hear from fellow junior residents, experience biostatisticians and distinguished researchers to gain confidence, guidance and research tips. 

Inaugural Resident Education Session - Programme.pdf.

Click here for registration to attend the Inaugural Resident Education Session + SGH ASM. 

Continuing Professional Education Point (eg. CME/CNE/CPE point) application in progress.