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Radiological Sciences

Radiological Sciences provide assistance and technical expertise in the following areas:

1.    Non-destructive testing of animals and humans for your discovered biological signature. Techniques we are proficient in include the following (non-exhaustive):

·         Radiochemistry labeling of antibodies, proteins and small molecules to interrogate biology

·         PET scanning in animals (SEMC and SBIC) and humans

·         MR interrogation of microenvironment:

-       DCE MRI for angiogenesis

-       Diffusion weighted imaging, Diffusion tensor imaging, Diffusion Kurtosis imaging, Intravoxel incoherent motion

-       CEST for amide proton transfer, etc.

-       Quantitative susceptibility mapping, resting state MRI and myelin water imaging in Parkinson’s Disease and chemobrain and other neurological conditions

·         Artificial intelligence and Deep Learning for images


2.    Technical aspects of animal scanning if you are working with Singhealth Experimental Medicine Centre (SEMC) or Singapore Bioimaging Consortium.


3.    Randomised controlled trials for medical devices.


Please contact the respective ACP research committee members if you have any queries:

NameRADSC ACP AppointmentEmail
Prof Chan Ling LingAcademic Vice Chair,
Dr Tran Nguyen Tuan AnhDirector, Artificial Intelligence
Dr Sumeet KumarDirector, Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging
A/Prof Kelvin LokeDirector, Molecular Imaging
A/Prof Too Chow WeiDirector, Population Health and Health Services
A/Prof Apoorva GognaDirector, Clinical Trials and Medical Devices
Ms Azizah Binte Mohamed AfifDirector, Radiography & Nursing