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Dr Tan Ru Yu

Dr Tan Ru Yu


Senior Consultant

Specialty: Renal Medicine

Clinical Interest: Interventional Nephrology

Conditions Treated by this Doctor:
Acute Kidney injury, Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetic Kidney Disease, Fluid, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Problems including Renal Tubular Acidosis and Tubulopathies, Glomerulonephritis, Haemodialysis Access Dysfunction, Hypertension, Hypertension.

Clinical Appointments

  • Senior Consultant Renal Medicine Singapore General HospitalSingapore General Hospital
  • Senior Consultant SingHealth Duke-NUS Vascular Centre

Academic Appointments

  • Clinical Assistant Professor


Dr Tan Ru Yu graduated with M.B.B.S from International Medical University of Malaysia in 2005. She obtained membership of the Royal College of Physician (United Kingdom) in 2010. She completed Advanced Specialist Training in Renal Medicine in Singapore General Hospital 2014 and was trained in dialysis access management at Westmead Hospital, Australia in 2017. She also has a Master's degree in medical statistics from University of Newcastle, Australia.

Her clinical interests include General Nephrology, Critical care and Interventional Nephrology.


  • MMedStats (Australia) 2021
  • MRCP (UK) 2010
  • MBBS (Malaysia) 2005

Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships


  • Best Abstract Award 3rd Place, 4th Congress of Asian Pacific Society of Dialysis Access (2019)
  • Best Podium Abstract Award 2nd Place, Annual Scientific Meeting, American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology (2017)
  • Best Poster Award Education Research, SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Meeting (2016)
  • Service with a Heart Award (2016)
  • Health Manpower Development Plan Award (2016)
  • Young Investigator Award, SGH 21st Annual Scientific Meeting (2015)

Research Interests

  • Interventional Nephrology
  • Critical Care Nephrology


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Research Trials

  1. Prospective, Randomized controlled trial of stEnt graft and Drug-coated bAlloon Treatment for cephalic arch stenOsis in dysfunctional arteRio-venous fistulas (PREDATOR)
  2. SIroliMus coated angioPlasty versus plain balloon angioplasty in the tREatment of dialySis acceSs dysfunctION (IMPRESSION)
  3. Sirolimus-coated bAlloon Versus pAclitaxel-coated balloon angioplasty for the treatment of dysfunctional ArterioVenous Fistula (SAVE AVF)
  4. Developing a computer aided integrated vascular scan system for automated assessment of arteriovenous (AV) access