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Clin Asst Prof Tan Ek Khoon

Clin Asst Prof Tan Ek Khoon



Specialty: Surgery & Surgical Oncology, Hepato-pancreato-biliary and Transplant Surgery

Sub-specialties: Hepato-pancreato-biliary and Transplant Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Transplantation

Conditions Treated by this Doctor:
Cholangiocarcinomas (bile duct cancer), Choledochal Cyst, Gallstones, Gallstones & Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Cancers, Liver Cancer, Liver Transplantation, Liver Tumours, Pancreatic Cancer, Pancreatic Endocrine Tumors, Pancreatic Endocrine Tumours, Pancreatic Tumours, Primary Liver Cancer / Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

Clinical Appointments

  • Consultant Hepato-pancreato-biliary and Transplant Surgery Singapore General HospitalSingapore General Hospital
  • Consultant Division of Surgery & Surgical Oncology National Cancer Centre SingaporeNational Cancer Centre Singapore

Academic Appointments

  • Duke-NUS Medical School
  • Yong Loo Lin School of Medcine, National University of Singapore
  • Adjunct Instructor SingHealth Duke-NUS Surgery Academic Clinical Programme


Dr Tan is a Consultant Surgeon with the Department of Hepatopancreatobiliary and Transplant Surgery.

He graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2008 and completed his General Surgery training at the Singapore General Hospital. During his training, he was awarded the National Medical Research Council Overseas Research Training Fellowship to study the effects of ischemia-reperfusion injury on hepatic oval cells with Dr Ari Cohen at the Ochsner Clinic, USA. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh), and holds a Master of Medicine (Surgery) from the National University of Singapore, and a Master of Public Health from the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University. Upon completing his specialist training he underwent further subspecialty training with an American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS) accredited 2-year fellowship program in abdominal organ transplantation at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester), USA.

Dr Tan’s clinical practice is focused on abdominal organ transplantation and conditions involving the liver, pancreas, and biliary tract. He adopts a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach to deliver individualized care to each patient. His clinical efforts are directed primarily at improving outcomes after organ transplantation, and in the treatment of advanced cancer.

He is committed to an academic surgical practice, with active interests in tumour biology, immunology, and novel therapeutics in the treatment of cancer. He also has research interests in health policy and data analytics, which he believes can guide decision-making for clinicians to improve healthcare standards. He is engaged in medical education and the training of budding surgeons through the use of technology and adaptive learning methods.


  • Abdominal Transplant Surgery Fellowship (Mayo Clinic, Rochester)
  • Master in Public Health (Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University)
  • Certificate in Health Finance and Management (Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University)
  • Fellowship Diploma of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh)
  • Master in Medicine (Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore)
  • Membership Diploma of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh)
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore)

Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships

  • Member, American Society of Transplant Surgeons
  • Member, Mayo Clinic Alumni Association
  • Member,  International Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association
  • Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh)
  • Life Member, Hepatopancreatobiliary Association (Singapore)


  • Young Investigator Award, Asia-Pacific Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association
  • Course Sponsorship Award, SingHealth Surgery Academic Clinical Program
  • Overseas Research Training Fellowship, National Medical Research Council Singapore
  • Best Clinical Tutor AY12/13, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore
  • Best Medical Officer Award, National University Hospital
  • Best House Officer Award, Singapore Health Services
  • Excellence Award (Community Service), National University of Singapore Medical Society    

Research Interests


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Research Trials