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Use Medicines Order Service on HealthBuddy

​You can submit your medication order request by using 'Medicines Order Service' on HealthBuddy and have your medications delivered to you, at no extra charge. Alternatively, you can opt to collect your medications from selected Guardian pharmacy stores and SingHealth PILBOX stations.

Step-by-step guide on ordering your medication via HealthBuddy

You will need:

  1. Medication List from your doctor

    We are enhancing our medication delivery service! From 15 Aug 2021, you can view your prescriptions directly on the HealthBuddy app*. Easily order your medications and track requests anytime, anywhere! *SingPass required

  2. HealthBuddy app installed on your mobile phone (Download HealthBuddy app here)

How to make an order?

Step 1

In HealthBuddy, click on ‘Medicines’ and choose 'Medicines Order Service’.

Step 2

Login with SingPass.

Step 3


Step 4

Indicate that prescription is “WITH PHARMACY”. Your digital prescription is with our SGH Pharmacy.

Step 5

Fill in your patient details.

Step 6

Select “Singapore General Hospital” and indicate date of issue of your Medication List.

Step 7

Proceed to extract Prescription details from pharmacy system and choose the prescription to order. 

Step 8

You may choose to order all or selected medicines only.

Prescription with you?

You can also use “submit request manually” function to submit photos of the prescription. Submit original prescription at SGH or Guardian Pharmacy.

Step 9

Select preferred Payment option. If you have other Payment details, please indicate under "SPECIAL REQUEST"* in the Order Summary page at the end. *Subject to approval.

Step 10

Choose how you want your Medicines delivered to you, either to your home, or pick up at a SingHealth Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy, or SingHealth Polyclinics’ PILBox locker.

You Are Done!

You will receive a confirmation message from SGH Pharmacy. Your medications will be delivered to you.

Track Your Order Status

You can view your order status on the HealthBuddy app.

The transaction status will be displayed in a chronological order for your convenience.

Ways to submit your medication order request

Submit Request On HealthBuddy App

Use 'Medicines Order Service' on HealthBuddy app.

Sign-up at SGH Pharmacy

Submit original SGH prescription/medication list to any SGH Pharmacy

Drop-Off Your Prescription At Guardian

Submit your original SGH prescription to Guardian pharmacy stores with pharmacist service

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Prescription

Patients seen at SGH Specialist Outpatient Clinics will no longer receive paper prescriptions by default. Medication orders prescribed by the doctors are electronically sent to and stored in the pharmacy system. A medication list will be provided to the patient, in place of the prescription, for reference.
The medication list is not a prescription. It is meant to serve as a reference for patients to order medications from SGH pharmacy using the SingHealth Health Buddy app. The medication list cannot be used in place of a prescription to collect medications from a pharmacy outside of SGH.
For your safety and to reduce your dwell time in the hospital, we strongly encourage all patients to use our Medication Delivery Service (MDS) and have your medications delivered to your preferred location, at no extra charge. You may place your order request using your medication list as reference through SingHealth Health Buddy app.
Your prescription records are electronically stored in the pharmacy system and you can submit an order request through SingHealth Health Buddy app even if you have lost your medication list, using an image of the medication label of the medication you wish to order. Alternatively, you can use an image of your prescription records which are accessible through HealthHub. For more information on HealthHub, visit
Your doctor will issue a paper prescription for you to collect your medication from a pharmacy outside of SGH.
Yes, your prescription remains valid if it is within 1 year of original issue date and has balance medication for collection. To reduce your exposure, we would strongly encourage you to drop off your original prescription at any Guardian pharmacy store with pharmacist services. The pharmacist will retain your prescription on behalf of SGH and can take your order if required. The availability and working hours of pharmacists varies from store to store. To check pharmacist duty hours, visit

Medication Delivery Service

Medication Delivery Service is available for patients who have a valid SGH prescription within 1 year of original issue date and with balance uncollected medication. If you have seen the doctor on or after 30 November 2020, your prescription will be electronically sent to and stored in the pharmacy system. Before your medication supply runs out, submit your refill order online through SingHealth Health Buddy app and ensure you or an authorised person (aged 18 and above) are present to receive the medication at the mutually agreed delivery date, time and location. Alternatively, you may opt to have your medication delivered to selected Guardian pharmacy stores or PILBOX locker stations. Please ensure you have sufficient supply of medications till planned delivery date; do submit your order at least 3 working days before your supply runs out. For more information on MDS, visit
If you have been prescribed with a new medication or if there has been a change in the dosing regimen of your existing medication, your doctor will advise if you need to collect the medications from pharmacy and start on the day of consult or if you are suitable to receive your medications using our Medication Delivery Service.
You may present your NRIC and collect the medications at the Block 4 Pharmacy which remains open to handle walk-ins. If you have seen the doctor at Diabetes & Metabolism Centre (DMC), you may collect the medications at Bowyer Block Pharmacy instead.
You will be provided with a medication balance slip after each collection of your medication.
You may request for a repeat prescription through SingHealth Health Buddy app or online ( Changes to prescriptions (add-on of medications not previously prescribed) are not allowed through this service. Your request will be reviewed by your doctor. If approved, your prescription will be electronically sent to and stored in the pharmacy system. You are strongly encouraged to use our Medication Delivery Service and have your medications delivered to your preferred location, at no extra charge. For urgent requests (less than 3 working days’ supply of medication), please consult a doctor at your nearest polyclinic or GP clinic.
Scan the QR code on your medication label for information on your prescribed medications or visit If you have been prescribed with a new medication or if there has been a change in the dosing regimen of your existing medication, our pharmacist will contact you and provide counselling over the telephone. If necessary, a video-counselling session will be arranged.

Medication Delivery Sign-up and/or Collection at Guardian

No. The pharmacist at Guardian will only accept the SGH prescription and take your order request. You will receive an SMS notification when your bill is ready for payment. View and download the PDF invoice via SingHealth Health Buddy app or; you will not be able to do so after payment is complete. Make payment online and an email receipt will be sent to the email address provided. Cash or NETS payment can be made at any 7-Eleven Stores or Singapore Post Office branches located island wide. If you require a “Certified True Copy” receipt for official medical claims purposes, please email or call 6407 8108.