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Welcome to Patient Financial Services

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Make payment for your medical needs and expenses
Ask BILLie

Ask BILLie

Request for Help with your billings, MediSave enquiries and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a refund? How to pay online? Get your answers here.

All About MediSave

Learn about how to complete your Medical Claims Authorisation Forms and how much you can claim

Get your Final Bill

Need the final bill for your claims? Try the new eBills.

Making payment with Medical Benefit Cards

Please present your medical benefit card at the counter during your visit.

All about the new Bill

Learn how to read the new Bill format


Upgrade Ward Class

Switch to Higher Ward Type

You can request to switch to higher ward type during your inpatient stay with us.
Downgrade Ward Class

Switch to Lower Ward Type

You can request to switch to lower your ward type.

Submit Your Maternity MediSave Packages

Submit your MediSave claims for your maternity charges

Download Letter of Guarantee

You can download a sample Letter of Guarantee to be completed by your company.

Request for Interim Bill

Find out more about your interim bill when you are warded in SGH


Enquire about Medication Delivery Service

For enquiries about Medication Delivery Service related bills

Switch to subsidised medical care

Singapore citizens and permanent residents can switch to subsidised healthcare services provided through government healthcare facilities.
LTOT Rental Claims

Long-Term Oxygen Therapy Claims

Submitting Medisave claims for rented devices

Update Personal Profile on Health Buddy

​View and update your contact numbers, email & mailing address


Welcome to SGH Patient Financial Services!

As part of our continuing efforts to improve and provide continuous service to you, we have converted our counter to a 24-hr self service lobby so that you can have access to us anytime from anywhere. Our self-service lobby is supported by our Chat Buddy who will assist with general bill enquiries and requests. For complex requests, we will get back to you within 3 working days. In line with the national initiatives for electronic payment, we seek your understanding that we will not be able to accept cash payment. We invite you to use the ePayment function via the iPads at our self-service lobby.

Thank you.