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Greater convenience with eBill

​You can retrieve and download your bill online or on Health Buddy now!


 Could not find your bill online? Request one here.


Make your life easier with the convenience of eBill!



Quick Retrieval

Outpatient bills ready by next day of your consultation.*

Go "Green"

Download PDF bills and you can keep for your own records.


Hassle-free & 24/7

Access the bills^ anytime, anywhere

Secured Platform

Login with SingPass

Suitable for Insurance Claims

Accepted by all major insurance companies

*For all other bills, you will receive a notification when your bill is ready for download.

^You can retrieve your paid bills up to six months from the date of issue. This function is available for bills issued from 22 April 2022 onwards. 

Let's Get Started!


Step 1

Login to the online portal with your SingPass

Step 2

To retrieve current bill, click on the "Download Bill" icon beside the date of your appointment.

Step 3

To retrieve bills that you have paid previously, click on "History" tab and select "Download Bill".


1. How do I obtain a copy of the bill?

A SMS or push notification will be sent to you when your bill is ready. You may download a soft copy of your bill using the Health Buddy app.

2. Do I need an original bill from SGH to claim insurance?

No. Insurance companies are aware of our initiative to go digital. You may claim using the downloaded bill.

3. How long do I have to wait to receive the notification that the bill is ready?

Outpatient bill: A SMS or push notification will be sent the day after your visit. Should your bill involve any claims, the processing time may be longer.

Inpatient bill: A SMS notification will be sent within 1 to 3 weeks of your discharge date.

4. How can I view all my bills online?

You may view and download your bills for up to 6 months from your visit / discharge date.

  • You can view the paid bills for visits / discharges under the ‘History’ tab on the Health Buddy app. 
  • You can view your outstanding bills under ‘Current’ tab on HealthBuddy.

5. Can I view my family & friend’s eBills?

You will be able to access and manage your dependents’ medical bills via Health Buddy only if you are a registered Caregiver.

6. How do I register as a caregiver to access my dependent’s medical bill?

  • Approach any of our Specialist Outpatient Clinic Staff with your dependent and present both your original identity cards (NRIC)

  • Our staff will verify the documents before activating the link

  • Once done, you will be able to access your dependent(s) medical bills and appointment journey at SingHealth institutions, via the Health Buddy app or our websites.

For more information please click on this link.