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Surgical Intensive Care

Contact Information
Singapore General Hospital, Academia, 

​The Department of SIC provides intensivist staffing to the Surgical ICU (SICU), Neurosurgical ICU (NICU) and Burns ICU (BICU) in SGH. We care for and monitor patients with life threatening illnesses around the clock with a range of sophisticated equipment, such as breathing machines, feeding tubes, catheters and dialysis machines, to support vital organ functions. Our ICU health care team is multidisciplinary and our collaborative approach ensures that patients and their families are supported during the critical period.

Clinical Services

  • Management of shock states (Distributive, hypovolemic and their complications. 
  • Provision of vasopressor and inotropic therapy, with advanced hemodynamic monitoring.
  • Mechanical ventilation for acute respiratory failure.
  • Management of complications of renal failure with provision of dialysis support.
  • Provision of enteral/ parenteral nutritional support.
  • ICU support of the immunosuppressed patient.
  • Management of sepsis, hospital acquired and opportunistic infections.
  • Management of acute gastrointestinal, genitourinary and obstetric-gynecologic disorders.
  • Preoperative and postoperative care of liver transplant donors and recipients.
  • Management of multiple system trauma and burns.
  • Management of neurosurgical emergencies such as raised intracranial pressure, traumatic and nontraumatic intracranial bleeds.
  • Perioperative management of patients undergoing neurologic surgery.


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