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SGH 3D Design and Printing Centre (3DPC)

The SGH 3DPC enables SGH as a global centre of excellence through medical imaging visualisation and actualisation. The 3DPC designs and produces, from medical imaging, patient-specific anatomical models, surgical guides, custom devices and implants for clinical care. The SGH 3DPC provides image capture and operational support capabilities for virtual surgical planning. The 3DPC also catalyzes and shapes the national and international biomedical 3D printing ecosystem in the clinical, R&D and education domains.

Contact Information
 3D Design and Printing Centre, Singapore General Hospital, Block 2, Level 1

You can contact us at:

The SGH 3D Printing Centre welcomes engineering, imaging and research attachments and internships.


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To support current and future clinical needs in 3D planning and printing services by enabling the design and development of patient-specific models, guides and implants from medical imaging.


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by Channel NewsAsia

21 Jul 2022