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Clinical Services

​Overweight and obesity have become serious public health issues. Research has shown that being overweight or obese increases one’s risk for developing many chronic illnesses such as Diabetes and Cardiac disease. Adopting a healthy lifestyle to achieve meaningful weight loss can significantly reduce the risk of developing these diseases. The multi-disciplinary team at SGH Obesity Centre adopts evidence-based integrated approaches to attain this goal and in the process, achieve long term weight loss, weight maintenance and optimal health!

Obesity Management services available in SGH Obesity Centre consists of:

Medical weight loss (Endocrinology)

Pharmacotherapy is one of the treatment modalities used by endocrinologist for managing obesity. When lifestyle changes have not been effective or sustainable in losing weight, medications can be initiated as adjuvant therapy together with lifestyle modification to kickstart patients’ weight loss. Pharmacotherapy can be considered for patients who are averse to invasive procedures/surgeries.  Medications can also be used post-operatively if patients are struggling with weight loss and/or weight regain.

Metabolic Bariatric Surgery* (Bariatric Surgeons)

Surgical intervention should be recommended for a subset of patients who are unable to lose weight through medical and lifestyle interventions. Surgery is medically indicated if a patient’s body mass index (BMI) is ≥ 37.5 without co-morbidities (Class III obesity) or ≥ 32.5 (Class II obesity) with co-morbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Weight loss through metabolic bariatric surgery can lead to significant improvement in these metabolic disorders.

Endoscopic bariatric procedures* (Gastroenterologist)

Endoscopic procedures such as insertion of gastric balloons and endoscopic gastroplasty can be considered in patients whose BMI is ≥ 27.5 to ≤ 32.5.
*Patients will be assessed for their suitability for a surgery/procedure by the multi-disciplinary team.        

Lifestyle Management

Dietary interventions: During the consultation with the dietitian, patients can better understand their current dietary habits and barriers to healthy eating and strategies to overcome them. They will receive a personalized diet plan that is tailored to their lifestyle.

Exercise interventions: A detailed fitness assessment will be conducted by a physiotherapist for an individually tailored exercise prescription.  Physiotherapists can also provide professional supervision during the exercise sessions to ensure correct technique and safety.

Bariatric Support Group

A monthly sharing and informational session by the multi-disciplinary team (surgeon & allied health professional) for pre and post-op patients and for the public.  This has been held virtually (on Zoom webimar) since Covid-19.