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Optional Individual Investigations

​If you wish to test only for a single investigation test, you can select from one of the assessment below: 

Body Composition 

Measures the amount of fat and muscle components in the body. 


Cardiovascular Assessment 

Treadmill stress test helps to detect coronary artery. 


Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring 

This test monitors the blood pressure pattern over a period of time
(up to 24 hours).  This helps in diagnosis of high blood pressure (in the event of borderline or labile situations), and assessment of adequate control. 


Abdominal Ultrasound 

Ultrasound visualisation of intra-abdominal organs (liver, kidney, pancreas & gall bladder) 



Low dose radiographic examination for early detection of breast cancer. 


HPV/Pap Smear 

Pelvic examination and cervical smear to detect gynaecological conditions and cancer. 

S$136.32 (HPV)
S$97.30 (PAP)

Pelvic Ultrasound 

Ultrasonic visualisation of pelvic organs (uterus and ovaries) 


Hormonal Profile 

To assess female hormonal status. 

S$160.82 / S$209.07

Anti-HIV Test 

Identifies infection by the HIV virus. 

S$40.45 / S$52.58