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Health Assessment: Beneficial for everyone

Note: To find out the meaning of the terms used in the table below, just place your cursor over the underlined words.

General Assessment Tests for Adults

Recommended for2 

To assess for

Assessment test

Assessment frequency3

Individuals aged 18 yrs and above


Body Mass Index (BMI)

Once a year

Waist circumference

Individuals aged 18 yrs and above

Hypertension (High blood pressure)

Blood pressure measurement

Once every two years or more frequently as advised by your doctor.

Individuals aged 40 yrs and above

Diabetes mellitus

Fasting blood glucose

Once every three years or more frequently as advised by your doctor

Hyperlipidaemia(High blood cholesterol)

Fasting lipids

Individuals aged 50 yrs and above

Colorectal cancer

Faecal immunochemical test(to test for blood in stools)

Once a year


Once every ten years

Additional Tests for Women 

Women aged 25-69 yrs, who have had sexual intercourse

Cervical cancer

Pap smear

Once every three years

Women aged 50-69 yrs

Breast cancer


Once every two years.