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Thalassemia and other red cell disorders

​The red cell service provides a comprehensive clinical service for the diagnosis and management of red cell disorders. This consist of care of our patients with thalassemia and other rare inherited anaemias such as sickle cell disease, hereditary spherocytosis, and other red cell disorders.

We provide multidisciplinary care to patients in collaboration with other specialties such as obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, and renal medicine. Day transfusion services is available for our patients who require blood transfusion support. Prenatal diagnosis for patients with thalassemia and other genetic red cell disorders is also provided.  

The SGH Thalassemia Support Group which was started in 2011, provide support to patients living with thalassemia. The group consist of nurses, social workers, people with living with thalassemia and their caregivers. They helps support the transition of care from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital to SGH for young adults and also provide community support to people living with thalassemia.

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