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Other Services

Group Education

Dietitians conduct group nutrition education to inpatients and outpatients, their family members and caregivers. Types of group classes include:

  • diabetes group education

  • weight management group education

  • cardiac rehabilitation programme

  • antenatal classes

  • eating disorder treatment programme

  • colorectal surgery recovery programme


Support Groups

Dietitians also participate in the following support group activities:

  • Stroke Support Group

  • Parkinson's Disease Support Group

  • Eating Disorders - Parents Empowerment Group (PEG)

  • Eating Disorders - Support for Eating Disorders Singapore (SEDS)

  • Oncology Support Group (OSG)

  • Burns Support Group

  • Osteoporosis Support Group


Multidisciplinary Meetings/ Ward rounds

In multidisciplinary meetings/ward rounds, Dietitians communicate patient care plans with the medical team, nursing and allied health professionals in various specialties including parenteral nutrition support, renal, burns, eating disorders, liver transplant, neurosurgical rehabilitation, neuromedicine, geriatrics, traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, oncology rehabilitation, head and neck surgery, glucose management and paediatrics.

Community Nutrition

In addition to clinical work, the Dietitians also extend their skills and services to the community via public health campaigns, external consultancy and nutrition forums.

SGH Campus Nutrition Promotion Activities
Dietitians are actively involved in promoting healthy food choices to staff, patients, visitors and public. Theme-specific nutrition campaigns are organised to highlight the link between nutrition, health and disease.

Community Nutrition
Dietitians also reach out to specific groups of the population including the elderly to promote healthy eating.

External Professional Consultancy
Dietitians conduct talks and workshops to external organisations including statutory boards, commercial organisations, schools, etc.