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Burns Rehabilitation

Singapore General Hospital houses the only comprehensive burns unit in South East Asia. Our department works closely with other health professionals including doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, nutritionists, medical social workers and ancillary staff.

In the acute phase, physiotherapy for cardiopulmonary care is crucial to every patient, particularly for those who have sustained inhalational injuries, with background of heavy smoking or with history of respiratory conditions. Physiotherapy for burns patients also comprises of rehabilitation which starts from the very first day of admission and extends to outpatient services. In the inpatient setting, this would include stretches, mobilisation and participating in discharge planning.

An important technique that we teach patients with lower limb skin grafts is the short-stretch bandaging, which helps to alleviate symptoms and facilitate mobility. This technique was introduced by our physiotherapists in the 1990s and is a unique approach to the management of skin grafts.

Burns rehabilitation in the outpatient setting includes functional activities training and progression of therapeutic exercises and stretches, which allows them to return to work and reintegrate into the community.