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Vascular and Interventional Radiology (VIR) Fellowship


Next vacant fellowship positions available:

2024: 5 positions

2025: 5 positions

Next application review: Aug 2022

Training program and objectives:

The Vascular and Interventional Radiology (VIR) Fellowship in the Department of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (DVIR), Singapore General Hospital (SGH), is a hands-on clinical fellowship (12 months preferred) which provides the full range of vascular and non-vascular interventional procedural as well as clinical experience. There is also exposure to vascular imaging and research.

Training Setup

Singapore General Hospital is a 1600 bed acute tertiary hospital, providing cutting edge medical treatment in all spheres.

The Department has access to 8 interventional radiology suites housed under the Division of Radiological Sciences, which are equipped with state of the art machines including the Siemens Artiz Zeego, Siemens and Toshiba DSA with cone beam CT systems, Toshiba hybrid angio-CT systems and Toshiba biplane systems. All IR suites are equipped with Ultrasound scanners for US guided/assisted interventions. DVIR is staffed by 17 Interventional Radiologists and performs about 10,000 vascular and non-vascular procedures a year.

A wide range of VIR procedures performed* including:

Vascular interventions:

  • Lower limb angioplasty/stenting (including subintimal and infrapopliteal angioplasty, SAFARI technique), thrombolysis and debulking procedures
  • Aortic stent grafts for aneurysmal disease and dissection
  • DVT thrombolysis and venous stenting
  • Dialysis access / central venous angioplasty, stenting, thrombolysis
  • IVC filter insertion and removal

Oncological interventions:

  • Transarterial Chemo-embolisation (cTACE, bTACE, debTACE) and radio-embolisation (Y90 spheres)
  • Thermal ablation (RFA; MWA) of liver and lung tumours
  • Cryoablation of renal and bone tumors
  • Vertebroplasty / cementoplasty for augmentation of musculoskeletal tumours
  • Biliary drainages, dilatations and stenting

Emergency interventions:

  • Embolisation for trauma, tumour, bleeding GIT, PPH, hemoptysis
  • Transjugular portosystemic shunt (TIPS) and Plug Assisted Retrograde Transvenous Obliteration (PARTO)

Genitourinary interventions:

  • Fallopian tube recannalisation
  • Uterine fibroid embolisation
  • Testicular vein embolisation
  • Pelvic congestion syndrome embolisation


  • Venous access (PICC, tunneled and non tunneled central catheters, ports)
  • Image guided biopsies (including transjugular liver biopsy) and drainages
  • Fusion and contrast enhanced US guided procedures
  • Nephrostomies and ureteric stenting
  • Radiological guided gastrostomy insertion, NJ tube insertion and GI stenting

* not in order of frequency, as casemix is variable *

Scope and Content

Hands-on Procedural and Clinical training: 

  • First 3 - 6 months: familiarising with departmental protocol and workflow, evaluation of patients pre and post procedure and competent in basic procedures (tailored to individual fellows previous experience)
  • After 6 months (or earlier): able to perform independently tunnelled and non-tunnelled central venous catheters, simple biopsies and drainages; with more complex procedures performed under direct consultant supervision
  • All clinical activities will performed under the supervision of VIR consultants, initially as assistants and subsequently as primary operators
  • rostered for extended hours / on call duties to be exposed to emergency IR procedures (time off in lieu compensation)

Example(s) of fellow weekly roster:

​Week 1​Mon​Tue​Wed​Thurs​Fri
​AMIR ​IR (service)​Clinical duties​IR​Clinic
​PM​IR (service)​IR​Clinical duties​IR (service)​IR

​Week 2​Mon​Tue​Wed​Thurs​Fri
​AM​Clinic​IR​IR​IR (service)​Clinical duties
​PM​IR (service)​IR​IR​IRClinical duties

IR (service): simple lines / ultrasound guided procedures

Clinical duties: Inpatient review (pre/post op), Assistant Duty radiologist (clerking/discharge of day surgery cases)  

Fellow responsibilities: 

  • maintain a log book of VIR procedures performed/assisted performed
  • respectful behaviour towards other members of IR team (nurses, radiographers, clerical staff)
  • maintaining patient confidentiality, professional, and ethical behaviour 
  • attend outpatient clinics and perform inpatient consults
  • daily ward rounds to review patients pre and post procedure.
  • participate in weekly education (including teaching of junior residents), monthly mortality & morbidity, biopsy audit and research meetings
  • attend interdisciplinary rounds (eg Vascular surgery-DVIR, Urology-Radiology, Gastroenterology/hepatobiliary surgery-Radiology rounds) with emphasis on multi-disciplinary approach to patient management
  • annual leave (entitled 21 days) application to be made in timely manner

Non invasive imaging training:

  • opportunities to report CTA/MRA examinations (pre and post aortic stent graft evaluation and lower extremity CTA/MRA) and immediate post ablation imaging together with VIR consultants.

Academia and Research

  • Fellows will be required to do at least 2 journal readings every 6 months.
  • Fellows will be given research time off (1 session per week) to conduct at least 1 research or audit project.
  • Fellows are encouraged to present abstracts/posters at local/regional Conferences and submit manuscripts for publications.

Different Types of Clinical Attachment

Types of Clinical Attachment


Clinical Observer

Clinical Fellow

Nature of training

Strictly Hands-off, observation only (no patient contact)


Restricted Hands-on

(Only allowed to assist procedures under direct supervision)

Hands-on Clinical Training


Duration of training

Maximum of 4 weeks (28 days)

3 months to a maximum of 6 months

6 months to a maximum of 12 months

Accreditation of training programme

No accreditation required

No accreditation required

Requires accreditation by SMC

Registration with Singapore Medical Council

Not required

Medical registration required

Medical registration required

Ministry of Manpower -

Training employment pass (TEP)


Not required

Training Employment pass required

Training Employment pass required


  • A/Prof. Tay Kiang Hiong (Senior Consultant and Head of Department)
  • Prof Tan Bien Soo (Senior Consultant and Chair Radiological Sciences ACP)
  • Dr Richard Lo Hoau Gong (Senior Consultant)
  • Dr. Farah Gillan Irani (Senior Consultant)
  • Dr Sivanathan Chandramohan (Senior Consultant)
  • Dr Luke Han Wei Toh (Senior Consultant)
  • Dr Apoorva Gogna (Senior Consultant)
  • Dr Shaun Chan Ju Min (Senior Consultant)
  • Dr Ankur Patel (Senior Consultant)
  • Dr Too Chow Wei (Senior Consultant)
  • Dr Nanda Kumar (Senior Consultant)
  • Dr Leong Sum (Senior Consultant)
  • Dr Pradesh Kumar (Senior Consultant)
  • Dr Zhuang Kunda (Consultant)
  • Dr Jasmine Chua (Consultant)
  • Dr Kristen Alexa Lee (Consultant)
  • Dr Sonam Tashi (Consultant)
  • Dr Alfred Tan (Consultant)
  • Dr Mark Wang (Associate Consultant)
  • Dr Alexander Tan (Associate Consultant)

Admission Criteria

  • Postgraduate medical qualification in Radiology e.g. FRCR, MMed or equivalent
  • 5 years radiology residency training or equivalent at expected start date of fellowship (eg. for 3 year training programs, a further 2 year postgraduate experience required)
  • Proven competency in English per Singapore Medical Council’s requirements for clinical fellowship
  • Selection of interventional radiology fellows will be prioritised based on the following: 
    regions with little interventional radiology expertise (priority for ASEAN and countries with MoU for training)
    candidates in a position to develop public service and train next generation of interventional radiologists over time
  • One year fellowship applicants with IR publications in peer reviewed journals preferred for sponsored positions 

Selection of interventional radiology fellows will be prioritised based on the following:

  • regions with little interventional radiology expertise (priority for ASEAN and countries with MoU for training)
  • candidates in a position to develop public service and train future interventional radiologists  
  • one year and self funded fellowship applicants  preferred
  • candidates with no or early interventional radiology experience preferred

Application process for successful applicant

It is in your interest to respond to PGMI emails promptly. Failure to adhere to timelines (PGMI queries, source document verification, English competency exams) following approval of application may result in withdrawal of fellowship offer. 

The following estimated administrative fees are required prior to start of fellowship (as of December 2018):

  • SGH administrative fee – S$535 (inclusive of 7% GST)
  • SMC application fee – S$250 (will increase to S$300, with effect from 01 April 2018)
  • SMC Practicing Certificate – S$200 (will increase to S$225 with effect from 01 April 2018)
  • MPS Indemnity Cover – S$760 for 12 months’ training, S$380 for 06 months’ training
  • MOM training employment pass – S$250 (application fee, pass issuance and multiple journey visa)
  • Basic Cardiac Life Support certification course – S$200
  • Work Injury Insurance – S$107 (inclusive of 7% GST)
  • Pre-attachment medical examination in SGH – S$200 

The following estimated administrative feeds are required prior to start of observership:

  • SGH administrative fee - S$160.50 (inclusive of 7% GST)
  • Training fee – S$1070 per week (inclusive of 7% GST) subjected to training department’s discretion.
  • Application to Ministry of Manpower’s training employment pass – S$250

The above fees are subject to changes without prior notice and are on top of other expenses like accommodation in Singapore, transport (MRT / bus), communications (cell phone), basic meals, groceries and personal hospital and surgical insurance.

Fellowship Application

This website was last updated March 2022, next update expected Sept 2022

Please submit applications electronically at and contact Dr Leong Sum at

  • Please submit applications electronically at
  • All current and future employment (please indicate if none) must be indicated on application form. Incomplete forms will be rejected in the first instance.
  • Limited sponsored fellowship positions are available (maximum 3 at any one time). All applicants will automatically be considered for sponsorship (SGD$2000-4500 per month) from Department of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (DVIR) / Division of Radiological Sciences and SGH/PGMI fellowship award. 
  • Additional self-sponsored fellows (1 – 2 at any one time) may be accepted. Please indicate if self-sponsorship is an option clearly on application form in section A10 (c)
  • There is high demand for fellowship position, with more applicants than positions available for both sponsored and self-sponsored positions
  • Email is the main line of communication, it is in your interest to respond to the emails promptly.
  • Failure to adhere to timelines (PGMI queries, source document verification, English competency exams) following approval of application may result in withdrawal of fellowship offer.
  • Following candidates officially confirming acceptance of fellowship offer issued PGMI, it requires 6 - 9 months to complete SMC registration 
  • If there are no replies 6 months following application, your application is still under consideration for fellowship at a later start date.  
  • Observerships (strictly no hands on, up to 1 month duration) or Clinical observerships (up to 6 months) are available

For further enquiries on the fellowship or application status, please contact Dr Leong Sum