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Transplant Centre

Contact Information
Singapore General Hospital, Block 7, Level 1
Purple Zone​
Fax: 62243181

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday:
8.00am to 6.00pm
Sat, Sun and Public Holiday:

Transplantation is a highly complex field of medicine that requires different healthcare professionals coming together as a team to provide collaborative and patient-centric approach to care planning and provision. However, our existing infrastructure and work-processes at the moment does not allow the efficient delivery of multidisciplinary care. Patients have to visit different professionals at different times and places which adds to the inconvenience already experienced as a patient receiving chronic treatment. 

 The Transplant Centre seeks to address this problem by providing a one-stop convenient healthcare facility that allows patients with a common condition e.g. transplant to seek the care and follow-up required of them. It allows various healthcare professionals involved in transplantation care to converge at one location and work together with integrated work-processes to provide the best patient experience in an ambulatory setting. 

The other advantage of the Transplant Centre is that we have dedicated infrastructure resources to provide transplant care rather than compete with existing infrastructure that is also needed to use for other patient care services. 


The transplant centre have clinics, counselling rooms, a phlebotomy cubicle and procedure unit for: 
  • Pre- and post- transplant education by transplant coordinators 
  • Donor and recipient assessment for transplantation 
  • Post-transplant follow-up care 
  • Dedicated transplant pharmacist clinics 
  • Dedicated ambulatory follow-up programs by dieticians and physiotherapists 
  • Phlebotomy services 
  • Outpatient biopsy of kidney transplants 
  • IV drugs infusions 
  • IV blood product infusions 


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Conditions We Treat


Patient Support Programme

All of our donors and recipients will automatically be enrolled to our Patient Support Programme before and after transplant. The potential donor and recipient can request to speak to a donor or recipient who have undergone kidney transplant prior to their operation. 

After the operation, the recipient will be taken care by various experts such as urologist, dietitian, pharmacist, medical social worker and other specialists if required. The donor will be required to come back for life-time donor follow-up after his/her donation. There will be three follow-up appointments scheduled within the 1st year donation and annual follow-up from the 2nd year onwards. 

Our patients are also encouraged to contact their transplant coordinators whenever they have queries on transplant related matters.