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Neurology Rehabilitation

The Neurology Rehabilitation service aims to provide comprehensive and highly specialised physiotherapy to patients with movement difficulties arising from neurological conditions. These neurological conditions include but are not limited to Stroke, Parkinson’s, brain tumours, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

Each patient will be assessed individually after a doctor’s referral has been made. The information gained from this and ongoing assessment ensures that all physiotherapy intervention is effective, meaningful to the individual and delivered in a way that maximises potential recovery.

For patients with planned surgeries, pre-operative and post-operative assessments are provided to ensure early identification of movement-related issues. We work closely with a dedicated team of doctors, nurses and other rehabilitation specialists to provide recommendations and training for pre- and post-discharge care of patients, including preparatory sessions for step-down care facilities such as community hospitals, day rehabilitation centres or nursing homes.

Where necessary, patients will attend session in our outpatient rehabilitation centre to continue therapy to achieve their goals.