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Hemangioma - What it is

Liver Hemangioma condition and treatments

​Liver Hemangioma is a tangle of blood vessels that developed in the liver. It is a noncancerous condition and it does not increase the risk of cancer. It is usually small (less than 4cm) and occurs in isolation. Occasionally there may be more than one and the size may be larger. Generally it will not grow in size.

Hemangioma - Symptoms

​Seldom does it cause any symptoms. Most hemangiomas are diagnosed during investigation of other conditions. Nonspecific symptoms may be present such as right upper abdominal discomfort or pain, nausea and early satiety. Large haemangioma may occasionally cause bloatedness.

Hemangioma - How to prevent?

​There is no effective method to prevent hemangioma.

Hemangioma - Causes and Risk Factors

​It is believed that hemangioma may have genetic predisposition, but the actual cause is not known. It is usually diagnosed between ages of 30-50 years. Studies have shown that the hormone estrogen may promote  growth of hemangioma. As such, females may have a higher risk of hemangioma. Women who have been pregnant or use hormone replacement therapy are more likely to be diagnosed with hemangioma than women who have not.

Hemangioma - Diagnosis

​Hemangioma usually does not cause any symptoms or liver function impairment. The diagnosis is usually incidental with imaging studies such as ultrasound, CT scan or MRI during the investigation of other problems.

Hemangioma - Treatments

​As Hemangioma usually is small and seldom results in complication, it does not generally require any treatment. In rare occasion in which the hemangioma is huge and symptomatic, it may be treated with arterial embolization or surgical excision.

Hemangioma - Preparing for surgery

Hemangioma - Post-surgery care

Hemangioma - Other Information

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