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Finding A Cure & Advancing Medical Education

Being at the forefront of clinical and translational research, SGH can positively impact many patients’ lives. Your gift will help develop ground-breaking therapies to alleviate the suffering of those living without cure or treatment options, and form the vanguard against threats of global pandemics and healthcare dangers.

As Singapore’s largest teaching hospital, SGH teaches and trains the next generation of healthcare professionals from undergrad to specialist training including 2,200 nurses and 3,500 allied health professionals. Your gift will go towards enhancing the multi-disciplinary skills and capabilities of our healthcare professionals who can realise greater hope for more patients, with more seamless and comprehensive care capabilities.
For more information on SGH research and educational programmes, please call us at 6326 6728 / 6326 6378 or email



Nursing Innovation Fund

Nurses are the backbone of healthcare and they are uniquely positioned to discover practical ways to change and improve the work environment. You can support the SGH nurses’ strive to advance nursing care with innovative projects that will improve patients’ safety, quality of care and transform the frontline healthcare environment efficiently and effectively.
Academic Medicine

Anaesthesiology & Perioperative Sciences Academic Clinical Programme

Your contributions will enable the development of more ways to deliver safe preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative care to our patients, and continue to nurture the next generation of anaesthesiologists. Lend your support to intubate, educate and innovate with Anaesthesiology Academic Clinical Programme.
Academic Medicine

Medicine Academic Clinical Programme

Your gift will create a vibrant academic environment that inspires innovation, develops strategies and fulfils academic initiatives. By partnering with us, you can inspire healthcare professionals who will push the frontiers of medicine and improve the lives of patients through research, education, medical humanities and clinical service improvement and innovation programmes.
Academic Medicine

Musculoskeletal Sciences Academic Clinical Programme

Your generous support will help our clinician scientists translate meaningful scientific discoveries into quality innovations in patient treatment and care, and spur our clinician educators to build on the legacy of esteemed physicians in passing their knowledge on to the next generation.
Academic Medicine

Pathology Academic Clinical Programme

Pathology underpins all of medicine and healthcare. Pathologists, ably supported by our allied health professional colleagues, facilitate and achieve diagnoses to allow patients to receive appropriate and timely treatment. Your generous gift will support education and research in Pathology to fight diseases, find the right diagnosis and pave the way to discover better cures for improved patient care outcomes.
Academic Medicine

Radiological Sciences Academic Clinical Programme

Radiological Sciences are vital to healthcare as diagnostic accuracy is key for managing cancer and other diseases, monitoring treatment and predicting specific patient outcomes. Your gift will enable training of future-ready radiologists and enable discovery of new imaging technologies and image-guided treatments that will significantly improve patient outcomes.
Academic Medicine

Surgery Academic Clinical Programme

Your support will go a long way to enable clinician scientists and researchers discover new treatments, train the next generation of surgeons and advance research leading to better surgical outcomes.

Reverie Rheumatology Research Fund (RRRF)

1 in 10 people suffers from Rheumatological diseases in Singapore. There is currently no cure and little is known about the exact causes of the diseases. Diagnosis is difficult and often delayed. Treatment options are limited and in some cases, there are none - symptoms can only be managed. Your gift will expedite research and develop and test new effective treatments in rheumatological diseases.