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Speech Therapist Career Path

Our Speech Therapists are involved in the assessment and management of both children and adults in the area of communication and swallowing disorders. Communication disorders include difficulties in speech, language, voice, fluency, reading and writing. Swallowing disorders may result from medical conditions such as stroke, head and neck cancer and respiratory diseases.

Speech therapists also manage a small group of neonates in SGH who may be born premature or have congenital syndromes. Besides working with patients directly, our speech therapists are involved in caregiver training. This helps to ensure that recommendations and therapy are carried out at home. Apart from providing clinical services, there are also opportunities to carry out research and train local and overseas speech therapy students. 

We believe that a high standard of clinical care requires highly trained and motivated employees. Our employees receive ongoing professional development through participation in local and overseas conferences, workshops and seminars and in-service programs. There are also opportunities for professional development in the form overseas training and clinical attachments in accredited institutions. Besides that, our employees are actively involved in training Speech Therapy students on clinical attachments and provide competency-based training courses for qualified Speech Therapists (local and from the region) who wish to upgrade their professional skills. These programs have been peer-reviewed by expert clinicians from the United Kingdom and Australia.

Bachelor Degree in Speech Pathology or Speech and Language Therapy or Master of Science in Speech and Language Pathology  

Career Path

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