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Radiochemistry Technologist - Lee Shu Fen

Lee Shu Fen

Radiochemistry Technologist II

The job of a Radiochemistry Technologist (RCT) in Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging is very challenging as the practice of Nuclear Medicine is ever evolving, and will continue to change due to technology, practice and environmental factors. My work involves the use of different radioisotopes in the preparation of diagnostic and therapeutic doses.  During my rotation across different sub-sections, I have acquired the skills in performing simple compounding to a complicated synthesis of radiolabelled peptides.  Duties in the Radiopharmacy include radiolabelling of pharmaceuticals and dispensing for diagnostic scans and therapies. The Radiochemistry Lab involves the setup and synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals using automated radiochemistry modules for PET radiopharmaceuticals and therapeutic doses.

As a Radiochemistry Technologist, I am responsible to ensure that all work is done in accordance to standard procedures. Quality checks are performed on all the radiopharmaceuticals prepared and appropriate documentation is completed and filed. Daily cleaning and checks on lab equipment and synthesis modules allow efficient production of radiopharmaceuticals. All doses dispensed have to undergo multiple checks to ensure that patients receive the correct dose with the correct radioactivity.

Our Department is one of the region's largest Nuclear Medicine departments and provides a comprehensive range of clinical services in radioisotope imaging and therapy. Our Radiopharmacy also supports major restructured hospitals and private hospitals in providing them with the required radiopharmaceuticals for their daily Nuclear Medicine imaging.  The job of an RCT is both exciting and meaningful. I am able to contribute by supporting the diagnosis of diseases and the production of therapeutic doses to effectively treat patients with cancer and other diseases. With the evolving technologies and continuous training opportunities, we are competent to advance in the career of an RCT and achieve our goal to be at the leading edge in Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.