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Podiatrist - Gavin O’Donnell

Gavin O'Donnell

Head, Podiatrist

I have worked in Singapore General Hospital for 10 years, I have been able to develop my career as a podiatrist in an exciting and engaging environment.

I have spent most of this time developing my clinical skills in wound management and have grown to become a better clinician with the help and support of a fantastic team of podiatrists. My career has taken a further step and I am now leading the department along this journey, we will focus on technology and innovation and ensuring that we can deliver services directly to the patient, when they need.

The thirst for knowledge and self-improvement amongst the team has made all of us better and I recommend it to anyone who are starting their career as a podiatrist or are looking for a new challenge.

Working in the largest hospital in Singapore certainly has its challenges but it is rewarding and one you would not regret.