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Physiotherapist - Cindy Ng

Cindy Ng 

Senior Principal Physiotherapist

In an industry where humans are the main focus, stories of courage, fear, sadness and laughter are aplenty. I have worked in the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) — my first and only job — for more than ten years. One of the things that has kept me going in this profession is this philosophy I have in life — to make a positive impact on everyone I come into contact with. 

It is strange how the profession has changed over the years in that we have grown to be more evidence-based. Also, the Internet allows anything and everything to be learnt with just a click of the button and information is easily obtained. But as a healthcare professional, we need to help patients sieve out what is fact and what is fallacy. The team approach is the way to go now, unlike in the past when everyone works very much on their own.

The importance of rehabilitation is beginning to “surface” as we approach an ageing society. If we ever get to be a “chronic disease society”, physiotherapists must take up the role to help patients improve their quality of life through fitness and exercise.