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Occupational Therapist - Florence Chiang

Florence Chiang 

Senior Principal Occupational Therapist 
My career has allowed me, through the years, to work with people from all walks of life and all age groups, from babies barely a year old to centenarians. I have worked mainly with patients with burn injuries, geriatrics patients, patients with mental health issues and patients with eating disorders.

One of the difficulties that therapists face frequently in their work with patients is to align the patient’s or family’s expectations with reality. My work with palliative patients might be different from the usual pre-conceptions of what rehabilitation and therapy are supposed to be. For this patient group, end-of-life issues are of utmost importance. This includes supporting them on their journey as they grow to accept their situation and prognosis. Often, patients are better able to plan for their passing when denial is no longer present as an obstacle.

Working with patients in palliative care is fulfilling in that way, knowing that you have walked with them through the last journey in their life here on earth.