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Medical Social Worker - Pamelyn Tan

Pamelyn Tan - Medical Social Worker - SGHPamelyn Tan Pei Jia 

Medical Social Worker

Medical Social Workers aim to facilitate change by assisting patients psychosocially. This is so that patients receive holistic care in medical settings, and not just care for their biophysical needs. Depending on our work portfolios, our roles could range from providing financial assistance, counselling, case management, care planning, conducting groupwork and psycho-educational programs, to being an educator, researcher and family mediator. We also look at wider issues beyond admission to post-discharge phases, to ensure that patients are reintegrated back into the community and receive continuity of care if needed.

As a fresh graduate, I had sought the opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of health issues and social needs, fast-paced work and a passionate and supportive department culture that can cultivate professional growth. More than three years on, I am blessed to say that I have found these while working as a Medical Social Worker in SGH.

I also believe in the importance of considering how systems (such as family, school, workplace, social service agencies, healthcare team) can support the patient’s coping and health. Hence, I value the opportunity that Medical Social Workers have to collaborate with them.

While this work has its challenges and complexities, seeing positive change in people’s lives makes it fulfilling and worthwhile. I cherish the moments when patients and their families share about their feelings, social backgrounds, worldviews, beliefs and values. Beyond factoring the information into assessment and interventions for change, many times I am personally touched, inspired and fueled by their resilience amidst challenging adversity, love for others and gratitude for what they have.