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Medical Social Worker - Deborah Lim

Deborah Lim 

Medical Social Worker

It has always been my ambition since young to work in a clinical setting and this was reinforced after reading the medical social work module during my undergraduate studies. I was particularly intrigued listening to my lecturers, who were medical social work practitioners, share about their experiences, and also deeply inspired by their passion for people. I held on to that aspiration and eventually made the decision to be a medical social worker myself. 

Working in SGH has given me the opportunity to constantly challenge myself to push boundaries and be innovative in my clinical practice, given the extremely dynamic and fast-paced environment. I value being able to collaborate in multi-disciplinary teams and contribute a psychosocial viewpoint so as to support patients’ needs in a holistic manner. 

It is a great privilege to be able to understand patients’ life stories, to share the fullness of their joy and grief, and to journey with them through the ups and downs of their illness. It is also especially fulfilling to be able to provide interventions such as financial assistance, care arrangement and counselling to help patients cope with their challenging times of treatment. I am often amazed by their resilience in living life and coping with illness, and it has, in turn, helped me gain a greater appreciation of life and the people around me. 

As the late Mother Teresa once said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” I am grateful for the privilege to make an impact, one life at a time. Being in medical social work is no easy feat but it is a rewarding and life-changing profession that I would not trade anything for.