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Medical Laboratory Technologist Career Path

Medical Laboratory Technologists and Medical Laboratory Scientists perform a crucial role in providing doctors with a firm diagnosis of various clinical conditions with accuracy and precision.

They utilize a vast array of laboratory tests and techniques that ranges from high throughput ones to complex specialized investigations. These ubiquitous super sleuths in their white laboratory coats operate from behind-the-scenes, quietly going about peering down high-powered microscopes or running state-of-the-art instruments that definitively identify the disease or disease-causing microbe.

Other duties may include preparing various types of media as well as receiving and processing specimens, and performing on-going quality control checks.

  • Diploma or Degree in Biomedical Science, Life Sciences or its equivalent
  • Degree with good honours or higher in Biomedical Science, Life Sciences or its equivalent is required for Medical Laboratory Scientist position

Career Path

MLT Career Path.png