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Dietitian Career Path

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Dietitians are qualified healthcare professionals who can assess the patients’ nutritional status, diagnose and plan the necessary intervention for the patients’ requirements. They will then monitor and evaluate that the nutrition treatment plan augments the physicians’ treatment.

Dietitians translate scientific, evidence-based research on nutrition, health and disease and apply this information into practical nutrition guidelines to help patients understand the relationship between food and health.

Working closely with other healthcare professionals, Dietitians provide medical nutrition therapy for inpatients and outpatients - individual counselling, group education, nutrition support, etc. In addition to clinical work, Dietitians are involved in food services, research and education/training. In collaboration with the Postgraduate Allied Health Institute, the Department of Dietetics partners overseas universities in dietetics placement and training for their students. Furthermore, Dietitians conduct courses and lectures for other healthcare professionals. Dietitians also extend their skills and services to the community via nutrition forums, external consultancy and public health campaigns.

Personal qualities such as the ability to work well with others, good communication skills and constantly seeking self-improvement, are all essential qualities of a Dietitian.

  • Degree in Dietetics
  • A 6-month clinical internship training is required

Career Path

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