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Audiologist - Leem Pei Shan

Leem Pei Shan 

Principal Audiologist
Hearing is such an important aspect of our daily life. Our hearing connects us to the world and the people around us. The sense of isolation and frustration arising from hearing loss cannot be undermined. 

My role as an Audiologist is to diagnose hearing loss and work with patients and their family using modern technology to improve their quality of life. Educating patient and family members about hearing loss and misconceptions form a significant part of my work. Often, I have to counsel about hearing tactics, realistic expectations and correct misconceptions such as hearing aids being able to restore hearing or even give us supersonic ears! 

Another important part of my job is to ensure children have sufficient access to hear enough so that they can learn to speak. Working with children, time is the essence as the best period to learn language is before the age of three. It can be challenging but the sense of joy is really priceless as I see each child grow up and how much they and their family have achieved. 

Being an Audiologist can be a very satisfying career. You have to work well with technology, to be a scientific problem-solver using good communication skills to make a difference to people’s life.