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Arts for Health

Arts Concert

The Arts Concert is a monthly event which aims to bring visual and performing arts closer to our patients. Through this programme, we hope to bring joy to our patients and to enliven their stay in the hospital. We invite schools, cultural groups and other organisations to put up a 45-minute performance for our patients on the last Friday of the month, from 7.00pm to 7.45pm. Volunteers are also needed to help accompany our patients to and from the ward to watch the performance, and also to distribute gifts and drinks to our patients. This service is ideal for schools or organisations to adopt and perform on a once a month basis. Students who wish to clock CIP (Community Involvement Programme) are welcomed to join this programme.

Arts & Craft Programme

Do you enjoy creating handicrafts, paper cranes or simple flower making? We require volunteers to engage in leisure activities such as art therapy, games, cards and conversations. The aim of this programme is to help our patients create therapeutic relations, enhance their confidence and self-esteem, and help them better integrate with the community later. This service is ideal for schools or organisations to adopt and perform on a regular basis. Typically, this programme is conducted every Saturday from 3pm to 5pm at several wards. However, volunteers who can form a team can start this programme on any other appropriate days which is convenient for the group.

Holiday Arts Workshops

Suitable for secondary and tertiary institutions or special interest groups, volunteers can engage in arts and craft project with patients and visitors during the school vacation period (primarily June/Nov/Dec period) for 2 – 3 weeks period at the Specialist Outpatient Clinics. This programme can be facilitated by an Art Teacher/Artist and the final artwork/project will be curated and displayed at the Arts Expressions wall or garden spaces. Some of the previous works displayed on the Arts Expressions wall were tile painting project (by Fairfield Methodist Girls School), origami, papers flowers, paper cranes, windmill projects (Anderson Junior College). Interested schools/groups can submit a proposal for consideration.