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The SGH Campus Master Plan anticipates the healthcare needs of Singaporeans and will provide an environment that supports the latest models of care that are holistic, multidisciplinary and teambased with integration across the whole spectrum of care.

The SGH Campus of the future will be Singapore’s largest medical campus when completed. It will provide patients with healthcare that is easily accessible, integrated and seamlessly connected to cutting-edge research and education, translating to better health outcomes for patients.

Designed to deliver a seamless continuum of care, the resulting vibrant healthcare ecosystem will also drive a world-class Academic Medical Centre that will define healthcare for Singapore.

Future of SGH Campus

Launch by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

An Interconnected Healthcare Ecosystem

Healthcare Connectivity 

The SGH Campus will link all patient care, education and research facilities as an interconnected healthcare ecosystem. The colocation of research and clinical facilities will foster cross-campus interdisciplinary research that will promote benchside to bedside to community translational research. Easy road and pedestrian links across campus will provide patients with convenient access to the full spectrum of medical care across one integrated campus.

Dedicated Pedestrian Connectivity 

To deliver a more patient- and people-centric experience, the new SGH Campus will feature dedicated delineated pathways, shorter routes and wayfinding signages to provide a more comfortable, secure and easy connectivity for patients and caregivers. With routes separated from the main artery roads, these new pedestrian connections will allow patients, visitors and staff to quickly and safely navigate their way across campus free from vehicular movement.

Improved Access for All 

The revised road plan will give separate direct access for ambulances. Additional access points and increased carpark spaces with clear signposting will enable motorists to navigate the campus with ease. The new SGH Campus will also be conveniently located in close proximity to public transportation linkages giving pedestrians direct and convenient access across campus.

Vibrant Community-friendly Spaces

SGH Campus Masterplan - Vibrant Community-friendly spacesDesigned to place the community at its heart, the new SGH Campus will feature easily accessible, eco- and community-friendly social and recreational amenities. These quiet open spaces provide an oasis where patients, visitors and staff can interact, relax and enjoy the tranquillity of the surroundings. 

Discovery Mall: A major public connector spanning the length of the new campus that is complemented with facilities for the convenience of staff and visitors. 

History Walk: A thoroughfare with cosy resting areas where the landscape and furnishings tell a subtle story, engaging visitors in the campus’ rich history of tradition. 

Hospital Square (Quad): At the intersection of Discovery Mall and History Walk, the Quad is the centre of SGH Campus. This focal point serves as a multi-functional space for all.

3 Integrated Zones, 1 New Model of Care

Information correct as at Feb 2016
Graphic representations are indicative only and Not to Scale

An Exciting Future


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