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SGH Elective Care Centre

New SGH Elective Care Centre

Integrating Care Around Our Patients

The SGH Elective Care Centre and other facilities at the SGH Campus are uniquely placed to provide integrated and appropriate care for our patients. Our healthcare professionals – regardless of specialty and institution – are organised to work together to improve the care outcome for our patients. Through close mapping of our patients’ journeys, from pre-hospital to home and continuing care in the community, we will deliver patient-centred and seamless care.

The facilities are designed with care for enhanced connectivity to enable patients and caregivers ease of access to the various clinical services on Campus. We have also focused on bringing services closer, in one location, for our patients.

Transforming Surgery For The Future

Transforming Surgery for the Future | New SGH ECC and NDCS

With the Elective Care Centre, SGH Campus will spearhead the transformation of surgical practice with the introduction of new technology and new ways of working, with a view to provide value-added care centred on the patient.

Surgeons and surgical teams will work collaboratively with healthcare teams from other disciplines to attend to the needs of the patients faster, before and after the surgical intervention, as well as supporting patients through recovery.

As we organise ourselves to provide separately for elective care, resources will be freed up on Campus to focus on more complex and emergency cases. Besides improving access to care, this will offer opportunities for us to grow peaks of excellence as we develop other care pathways that are more complex, to care for an ageing population with complex multiple morbidities.

Improving Value For Our Patients

With new technology and new ways of working, elective surgery is expected to become gradually less invasive, more precise, and have more predictable outcomes. With a facility dedicated to Elective Care, we will be able to provide more consistent care by well-experienced teams, and reduce variations in processes and service standards. Standardisation enables the collection of data to measure outcomes, increases value and efficiency. That is the aim of the SGH Elective Care Centre, organised to meet the trend towards more ambulatory and short-stay surgeries, and provide cost-effective care, best outcome and value for our patients.

Bridging the Talent Medical Gap with Innovation

Bridging the Talent Medical Gap with Innovation | Singapore General Hospital

To continue providing world-class care to meet growing needs, we will tap on technology to help close the healthcare talent shortage in Singapore.
SGH has started using wearables to provide real-time, non-invasive monitoring of our patients in the wards. This provides earlier alerts to changes in patients' conditions. Such technology frees up staff to prioritise their time in areas where they can make a bigger difference and have more meaningful interactions with patients. With technology, we can also continue care and monitor patients' recovery after discharge.

More importantly, it will enable us to commit to comprehensive measurement and reporting of outcomes, as a basic strategy to  constantly improve the care we provide.

Empowering with Information Technology | Singapore General Hospital

Empowering with Information Technology

Patient-centric technology empowers our patients and their Next-of-Kins to actively manage their own care. Patients will have access to their records and care plan, and be able to communicate directly with their clinicians and other members of their care team in the hospital or at home.

SGH has begun using devices such as tablet computers in our wards, as well as telephone apps to interact with our patients. For example, patients are reporting the status of their condition to their clinicians through mobile apps before the day of their clinic visits. Following consultation, they will receive the clinicians' notes. Such technology also enables the collection of patient-centred outcome data, allowing us to track progress as we interact with our patients through such devices.

With mobile technology and virtual interactions, care can take place beyond hospital walls and our patients can manage their own care at their convenience, wherever they are.

Improving Lives

We aim to shape the future of healthcare by identifying, experimenting and developing innovative systems-level concepts in key areas of health promotion, illness prevention and delivery of care. Through education and close interaction, we will empower and encourage patients and their caregivers to adhere to treatment as well as support any behavioral changes necessary to improve their health. Our purpose is to empower patients and their loved ones to manage their health more effectively, leaving more time to do the things that are important to them. We want to improve lives.

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