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How to Apply

Eligibility Criteria

General Requirements (for all types of attachments)

  • Conferment of basic medical degree (eg. MBBS or equivalent)
  • Completion of housemanship / internship postings (usually 12 months following basic medical degree)
  • Registration with medical council, ministry or relevant licensing authority for practicing 
  • Confirmation of employment before and after attachment in SGH
  • Eligibility for SMC registration and MOM training employment pass, as required for the 
    different types of attachments

Additional Requirements (only for Fellowship attachments)

  • Conferment of postgraduate medical degree (eg. MMed or equivalent) 
    - degree must have been conferred at least 2 years before application for attachment with SGH
  • Completion of at least 2 years of fulltime relevant employment after attainment of postgraduate 
    qualification (preference is given to those who had been involved in teaching activities)
  • Proven proficiency in English (following SMC's requirement for Clinical Fellow registration)

Submitting Applications

  • Candidates are encouraged to ensure that they have read all the guide notes and meet all the necessary requirements before submitting an application.
  • Online application can be submitted at this website. Upon successful submission of the 
    application, a message should appear on the screen to state that the application has been 
    submitted. Candidates are advised to print a copy of the application for their own reference 
  • Candidates are advised to lodge in online applications. Hard-copy application forms will not be accepted.
  • Applications for Clinical Fellows and Clinical Observers must be submitted approximately 12 months before target attachment date.
  • Concurrent applications for multiple Fellowship programmes in SGH are not allowed. If a 
    candidate submits more than one application at the same time, SGH-PGMI will randomly 
    select one application for review. Other applications will be rejected without further 
  • Candidates may submit a second application only after the result of the first application has 
    been announced.
  • There is no limit to the number of attempts for application.

Reviewing Applications

  • Submitted applications are processed for reviewing on a twice a year basis for Clinical 

Ø  Applications received between 01 February and 31 July will be reviewed in August / September

Ø  Applications received between 01 August and 31 January will be reviewed in February / March

You should receive email notification on your application outcome in either October/ November or April/ May.


  • Submitted applications are usually processed for reviewing on a monthly basis for Observers, Clinical Observers and Research Fellows. 

                You should receive email notification on your application outcome within 2 to 3 months.


  • Applications with missing information will be rejected immediately.
  • Upon provisional offer of traineeship (for Clinical Fellow and Clinical Observer), it takes approximately 6 to 9 months (for processing) before commencement of training.
  • SGH-PGMI will not disclose any reason for rejection.

Successful Applications

  • Successful applicants will receive a Provisional Offer from SGH-PGMI.
    Guide notes will also be attached to the letter to assist the candidate in preparation for the attachment.
  • The offer will only be confirmed upon successful application for the necessary 
    medical registration, training pass and visa, and completion of all necessary 
    administrative procedures.

Preparation advice for completion of application form

To cut down on your application time, you are advised to have the following documents ready:

1.     Education/Medical Qualification information

·         Basic Medical Degree

·         Postgraduate Medical/Other Degree/Fellowship

·         Medical Licensure

2.     Past/ Present Clinical Information

3.     Information on other Residency/ Postgraduate Appointments (between Houseman / Internship postings 
        and the current position)

4.     Information of Professional Referees