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Clinical Attachment (Clinical Fellow)

  • ​Hands-on practice
  • Maximum training duration is 12 months
  • Self-funding only
  • SGH-PGMI administrative fee (non-refundable) is applicable
  • SGH department training fee (non-refundable)  is applicable
  • Temporary medical registration (Clinical Fellow) with Singapore Medical Council (SMC)
  • Successful training employment pass (TEP) application with Ministry of Manpower Singapore (MOM)
  • Malpractice indemnity cover from the Malpractice Protection Society (MPS)
  • Approval of applicant’s overseas training from any relevant governmental and institutional authorities in applicant’s country
  • Valid surgical and hospitalisation (including COVID-19 related) insurance coverage for stay in Singapore
  • Clearing of medical examination including a satisfactory report of Hepatitis B and C immune status (i.e. HBsAg, HBeAg and HB Ab, HIV infection and Tuberculosis) (to be conducted by SGH clinic before commencement of attachment)
  • Completed vaccinations for COVID-19 (including booster dose), Tdap and MMRV before attachment commencement
  • Eligibility criteria:
    • current & future employment
  • General requirements for Temporary Registration for training (required by SMC):
    • A basic medical degree from an accredited medical university or medical school

    • Passed the relevant national licensing examination in the country of conferment of conferment of basic degree, where applicable

    • Evidence of at least 12 months houseman-ship / internship with a certificate of satisfactory completion of houseman-ship or equivalent

    • Been registered as a medical practitioner in the country where he is currently practising

    • Been certified to be of good standing by the Medical Council or the relevant national authority

      Note: The doctor should be in active clinical practice (and been registered as a medical practitioner in the countries of practice) for the 3 years preceding the application for medical registration in Singapore.

      In addition to the above criteria, Clinical Fellows must:

      1. Have a minimum of 3 years working experience as a medical officer (or equivalent)
      2. Fulfil English Language requirements of SMC if the medium of instruction for the basic medical qualification is not in English
      3. Preferably have obtained a postgraduate diploma or medical degree in his country or overseas
      4. Be sponsored by (i) the government, or (ii) regional health authority or (iii) an appropriate institution in the home country. For (d)(iii), the doctor must be on current full-time employment (40 hours or more per week) with the sponsoring institution.