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Sports Podiatry

​7-8 February 2022

Podiatrists see a variety of lower limb sports injury. The management of an athlete is complex and may differ from routine management of lower limb pathologies. Each athlete with a lower limb injury is unique and management strategies are dependent on the requirement and nature of the sport. An understanding of the biomechanical demands on the lower limb during sports is critical in customizing a management plan specific for each athlete.

This course aims to enable participants to: 

  • Understand key considerations when treating an athlete
  • Describe the etiology of lower limb injuries in the context of specific sports.Apply appropriate assessment

  • strategies using technology such as video analyses

  • Review short, mid and long term management techniques with focus on orthotic therapy for specific sports

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Course Details

7-8 February 2022

​9am to 1pm 

2 sessions; 4 hours per session

Class Size:
20 pax

Device Required:
Laptop/desktop with microphone, speaker and webcam

​Fees (inclusive of 7% GST):

S$360 (SingHealth)

S$400 (Regular)

Zoom Cloud Meetings (Details of the zoom session links will be sent nearer the session dates.)

Target Audience:
Podiatrists or Physiotherapists/Occupational Therapists with an interest in treating patients with lower limb sports condition  or routinely treating patients with lower limb sports conditions