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CA in Hand Therapy Unit

Attachment Duration

2 - 4 weeks


Only for practising and/or registered Occupational Therapists

Note: Each request is subject to Department's review and approval


To observe and understand treatment principles and protocol for hand-injured patients


  • Attend ward rounds and in-service to understand surgical intervention and management
  • Observe patients in therapy
  • Make appropriate splints for hand injuries


Clinic observation and case discussion

Attachment Fees

1. Training Fee (5-day work week) depending on the nature of attachment

At least SGD $642* per applicant per week

For enquiries, please email

2. Administrative Fee Upon Acceptance (non-refundable)

Singaporeans: SGD $128.40*

Non-Singaporeans & Overseas Applicants: SGD $214*

3. Miscellaneous Fees for Overseas Applicants (Non-Singaporeans) [non-refundable]

a. Training Employment Pass (TEP)

  • One time application fee: SGD $105
  • Issuance Fee: SGD $225

b. Multiple Journey visa (if applicable): SGD $30

* Inclusive of 7% GST