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CA in Diabetes

Application Timeline

For overseas applicants:

A full set of required documents to be submitted at least 6 months before the attachment start date.

For local applicants:

A full set of required documents to be submitted at least 3 months before the attachment start date.


2 - 4 weeks


Only for organisation sponsored practising Dietitians

Note: Each request is subject to Department's review and approval


This attachment programme will enable participants to gain in-depth knowledge and insight into the nutrition management of patients with diabetes.

Upon completion of the programme, participants will be able to acquire skills and knowledge on:

  • The latest Medical Nutrition Therapy recommendations for patients with diabetes
  • The comprehensive care provided by the multidisciplinary diabetes care team
  • Interpreting SBGM data and using SBGM as a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of patients’ nutrition care plan
  • Managing hypoglycemia
  • Advanced Carbohydrate Counting
  • Managing patients on intensive insulin therapy
  • Developing nutrition education programmes and patient education materials


  • Diabetes nutrition services - inpatient and outpatient
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for patients with Type 1, Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
  • Managing complications such as diabetic nephropathy, dyslipidemia and cardiovascular disease
  • Clinical Nutrition Practice Guidelines for Diabetes
  • Role of the multidisciplinary diabetes care team
  • Diabetes Group Medical Nutrition Therapy Programmes – Diabetes Group Education (DGE) Programme
  • Interpreting SBGM data
  • Blood Glucose Awareness Training (BGAT) technique for ‘brittle’ diabetes
  • Advanced Carbohydrate Counting using carbohydrate to insulin ratio and sensitivity factor
  • Insulin Pump Therapy


Observation and participation, case studies, presentations and discussions.

Attachment Fees

1. Training Fee (5-day work week) depending on the nature of attachment

At least SGD $600* per applicant per week

2. Administrative Fee Upon Acceptance (non-refundable)

Singaporeans: SGD $120* (SGD $150* wef 1 April 2023)

Non-Singaporeans & Overseas Applicants: SGD $200* (SGD $240* wef 1 April 2023)

3. Miscellaneous Fees for Overseas Applicants (Non-Singaporeans) [non-refundable]

a. Training Employment Pass (TEP)

  • One time application fee: SGD $105
  • Issuance Fee: SGD $225

b. Multiple Journey visa (if applicable): SGD $30

* excluding prevailing GST 


For enquiries, please email