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CA in Vascular Interventional Radiology (VIR)

Attachment Duration

8 - 12 weeks


Practising and/or registered Radiographers who practices VIR (Beginners may also apply)

Note: Each request is subject to Department's review and approval


To provide participants with specialised knowledge on core competency skills in performing vascular imaging and intervention.

Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Observe the essentials of teamwork to provide holistic care for the patient
  • Describe commonly encountered clinical indications and contraindications in VIR procedures
  • Understand the reasons for performing the various VIR procedures including risks involved and patient preparation
  • Appreciate the importance of patient communication skills
  • Explain radiation safety procedures and precautions
  • Observe non-imaging procedures relating to VIR, e.g. Contrast agent preparation, venepuncture, recognise vital signs and CPR in the VIR environment


  • Basic VIR concepts and applications
  • Anatomy, physiology and pathology
  • Basic VIR equipment design
  • Basic VIR imaging procedures
  • Basic Quality assurance tests
  • Infection control training


  • Observation of range of VIR procedures
  • Task-oriented discussions
  • Oral reports
  • Learner’s feedback of learning
  • Guided demonstrations
  • Supervised tasks

Attachment Fees

1. Training Fee for Observational Attachment (5-day work week)

At least SGD $642* per applicant per week

For enquiries, please email

2. Administrative Fee Upon Acceptance (non-refundable)

Singaporeans: SGD $128.40*

Non-Singaporeans & Overseas Applicants: SGD $214*

3. Miscellaneous Fees for Overseas Applicants (Non-Singaporeans) [non-refundable]

a. Training Employment Pass (TEP)

  • One time application fee: SGD $105
  • Issuance Fee: SGD $225

b. Multiple Journey visa (if applicable): SGD $30

* Inclusive of 7% GST