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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Mission

To promote postgraduate medical education and clinical training in order to enhance the standard of patient care and the reputation of SGH as a leading medical institution. 


  • Develop, coordinate and manage postgraduate clinical training and continuing education programmes. 
  • Organise programmes that will maintain the broad skills and capabilities of the specialists  encourage life
    long learning and professional development.
  • Establish relationship with local and overseas institutions for the exchange of trainees and specialists and facilitate clinical fellowships for regional trainees. 
  • Promote postgraduate activities that will enhance the reputation of SGH as a regional postgraduate center.


SGH Postgraduate Medical Institute (SGH-PGMI) commenced operations on 2 April 1994 and was officially opened on 28 April 1995 by Dr Kwa Soon Bee, PS (Health)/DMS and Chairman, SGH. The role of SGH-PGMI was to consolidate the hospital’s resources and act as the postgraduate medical training centre of SGH.

Besides spearheading programmes aimed at promoting postgraduate medical education, the Institute also serves to facilitate, co-ordinate, oversee and provide advice on all operational and administrative aspects of postgraduate medical education and training conducted by SGH medical staff. Its goal is to ensure that doctors are continually kept abreast with the latest developments in medicine, and ready to meet the changing needs of medical care and their patients.

SGH-PGMI’s mission is rooted in the belief that continuing education is integral to the competence of a doctor. This commitment to continuing education is reinforced in the SGH-PGMI motto: “MELIUS MEDICUS SCIENTIUS”, which translates into “the better doctor is the learned one”.

Over the years, SGH-PGMI has organised and provided secretariat support to a wide variety of medical events and programmes such as GPCME programmes, scientific meetings, training workshop, etc. SGH-PGMI has established itself firmly amongst healthcare professionals in the region as a premier postgraduate medical education and training centre.