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  • Advancing Clinical Skills

    Catering to the different training needs, PGAHI offers a wide variety of courses, workshops to continuing professional development lectures. aimed at advancing patient's care.
  • Strategic Partnerships

    PGAHI is committed to forging worldwide partnerships to provide Allied Health Professionals with opportunities to pursue postgraduate and undergraduate studies in Singapore.
  • Commitment to Life-long Learning and Research

  • Contribution towards Evidence-Based Healthcare

    Empowering clinicians-researchers with the skills to play an active role towards evidence-based healthcare, to realise SGH's vision to become a leading Academic Medical Centre.
  • A Commitment to Multi-Professional Education

    Establishing a dynamic platform for the gathering of experts from various specialties to network and share, healthcare professionals will learn the latest developments in treatment to technologies used in staying relevant to patients' needs.


SGH-Postgraduate Allied Health Institute (PGAHI) has been working in collaboration with various allied health departments and other reputable local and overseas educational institutions and organizations. These collaborations have resulted in a comprehensive and wide range of programmes catering to the needs of the various allied health professionals.

Influencing Behaviour Through Person-Centred Approach

Define what it means to be person-centred in a care setting. Adopt the person-centred approach... More..

Enteral Nutrition Workshop

Malnutrition is often an unrecognised risk in hospitalised or nursing home patients. This course aims to ... More..

Degree Programmes

BSc (Hons) Radiographic Studies - Next intake in Sep 2016

This is a part-time course, which most students will take in one year, although it is also possible to take the course over two years. The next cohort will start in September 2015 and applications are being accepted now. The application process will include an Interview with the Course Director in September 2016.

Masters in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

London South Bank University has a long history of working with the radiography community in Singapore and has built excellent relationships with the Clinical Departments in the major hospitals. There are over 100 radiography alumni of LSBU working in Singapore, some of whom are in very senior posts.

We are delighted to present to you the SGH-PGAHI e-Training Directory, for allied health professionals. Besides training in clinical areas, PGAHI’s courses also cover research, pedagogic and inter-professional programmes.

In addition, we offer certification programmes and will continue to grow our residency programmes and postgraduate courses for skills specialisation. The revised directory brings you a new format which we hope would help you in identifying your training needs. The comprehensive suite of programmes are designed with you in mind. 

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Click here to view our e-Training Directory.