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SGH collaborates with SSG to develop and strengthen the Continuing Education and training system that is skills-based as a mainstream pathway for all workers – young and older, from rank and file to professionals to upgrades and advance in their careers and lives.

Senior Director of IAN Associate Professor Lim gives full support for her staff to serve as key resource persons for the development and review of HCS WSQ competency standards to be used as the industry benchmark set by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

She also drove the adoption of HCS WSQ in SGH to train and offer upgrading opportunities to healthcare support workers as most jobs require not just knowledge, but also skills. With her commitment towards WSQ and the upgrading of healthcare workers, SGH is in the process of becoming a CET centre for a healthcare training.
This will be an important extension for our trainees’ career path upon graduation.

Let this be the place for you to build and have a rewarding and stable career in healthcare.