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General Information

The information will assist the participant with his/her application to the Alice Lee IAN for a training place on a course, attachment or conference.


Please direct all enquiries to:

Address :

Academia's Office

SingHealth Alice Lee Institute of Advanced Nursing
20 College Road, The Academia
Letter Box No.57
Singapore 169856
Email :
Fax : 6274 0094

Application Procedure

Interested participants or sponsoring centres shall contact the contact the Alice Lee IAN to apply for the course/attachment/seminars at least 12 weeks in advance from the stipulated training dates:

For Courses/Conferences

  1. For queries pertaining to courses/conferences, please email to .

For Training Attachment Programmes

  1. For queries pertaining to training attachment programmes, please email to .

Registration with the Singapore Nursing Board

Local participants must be currently registered with the Singapore Nursing Board.

Overseas applicants need only register with the Singapore Nursing Board if their requests for hands-on experience are granted by the Alice Lee IAN.

Training Pass and Entry Visa

Where a training pass is required, the application form will be sent to the participant for completion.

Upon completion of the application form, the participant will sent it together with a copy of the passport to Alice Lee IAN within 2 weeks.

The participant should possess a valid entry visa if it is required. He/She is responsible to apply for the visa before leaving the country of residence. Fee levied for the training pass is subject to change without prior notice.

Travel Advisory

The Alice Lee IAN reserves the right to cancel or postpone training programme based on the Singapore Ministry of Health's Travel Advisory.


The participant and sponsor are required to sign a letter of indemnity for attachment programme.

Personal Medical Insurance Coverage

The successful applicant must arrange his/her own medical/hospitalisation insurance to cover the full training period.

Training Dates/Period

The training dates may be changed without prior notice, subject to the availability of training places and responses from participants.

Training Fee

The Alice Lee IAN reserve the right to determine the training fee, which includes charges for tuition/supervision/ preceptoring, administrative coordination and training materials where applicable. The Alice Lee IAN reserves the right to levy a surcharge for cancellation.

Full payment of the training fee should be made at least 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the training.

Sick Leave

During training, sick leave should be justified with a medical certificate

Temporary Leave of Absence

If for some valid reason that temporary leave of absence is needed, the participant should seek approval from the Director, Alice Lee IAN.

Cancellation Fee

The Alice Lee IAN reserves the right to levy a surcharge for cancellations, which is as follows:

Period of Cancellation
(in relation to period prior to commencement of training)
3 weeks 50% of training fee
1 to 2 weeks 75% of training fee
Less than 1 week 100% of training fee

Additional Expenses

The participants shall bear any incidental charges incurred such as those for meals, transport, accommodation and laundry.

Supervision of Training

An overview of the programme will be presented by the coordinator on the first day of the training. During the clinical attachment, qualified nurses will supervise the training. In addition, a nurse may be assigned to the participant to assist with the day-to-day learning and guidance, as well as the achievement of training objectives.

Responsibilities of a Participant

A participant attending a course and/or attachment programme is encouraged to adhere to the procedures and policies of the Hospital and curricular requirements, and to maximise his/her learning opportunities.


A certificate shall be awarded by the Alice Lee IAN at the end of his/her training, provided that the participant has fulfilled all the programme/course requirements.


Participants on attachment programme are required to wear their uniform and a nametag that would be given by Alice Lee IAN.