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SingHealth Joint Research

SingHealth Joint Research

Research plays an important role at SingHealth. Together with our partners in academic medicine, Duke-NUS Medical School, we are increasing our investment in translational and clinical research platforms, so that we can continue to deliver world-class scientific discoveries. Our basic scientists and clinical researchers work together to find solutions for preventing and treating diseases relevant to the region.

We encourage our researchers and clinician-scientists to take on downstream research projects that make a tangible difference to patient care and health outcomes – in other words, we support research that saves lives. 

So far, we have amassed a chest of clinical research projects that have greatly benefitted patients, and each year we make it our goal to bring new treatments and better diagnostic tools to our patients’ bedside.

As a top academic healthcare cluster, we specialise in disease areas that most affect our population. Therefore, over the next five 5 years, we are focusing on:

  • Cancer
  • Eye diseases
  • Cardiometabolic diseases
  • Infectious diseases, inflammation & immunology
  • Neurosciences
  • Health services research
However, we are open to collaborations with partners who may wish to leverage our clinical and research experiences in any of our existing 42 medical specialties.

Having influential partners from the pharmaceutical industry and academic research institutions such as A*STAR also serves as a great morale boost for our translational and clinical researchers, who are given the chance to work with the industry’s best as well as adopt top research practices available in the biomedical sector. 

We always seek to strengthen ties with our academic and pharmaceutical partners. SingHealth research partners are assured of our clinician-scientists’ dedication and expertise, as we share a belief that by coming together, we can realise the vision of making new discoveries in academic medicine for the benefit of our patients.

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